The Puerto Rico Recap – Day 1

I figured I would break down my vacation in a concise and sporadic way. I’m going to do a few posts with mostly pictures, some words, nothing huge.

We arrived late on Sunday February 27, so I didn’t really count that. Day 1 was Monday, February 28.

We started the day with Starbucks. I had a “cortadito,” which was the closest thing to a traditional Puerto Rican drink as I could find within walking distance from our hotel.

We then went to the Bacardi Rum Factory in Cataño. (They give you a free tour and two free drinks to sample their rum)

We then headed in to Old San Juan via ferry to eat at Restaurante Raices (a place which has been featured on Man v. Food). I even ordered the same dish (not a challenge) that Adam had, Chuletta Kan Kan (a deep fried pork chop with the belly – i.e. bacon – still attached). Incredible.

Later on, we hung out at our hotel and then took a quick walk to Hacienda Don Jose, the closest thing to a local restaurant you’ll find in the tourist portion of San Juan with an ocean view. I had Carne Frita (fried pork) with rice and beans.

After that, we went to a familiar place, Stone Cold Creamery to get some dessert to bring back for later. After talking with the kid who worked there, we found out that they don’t offer anything you can’t get in the US and that the people down there would rather eat at Subway than anywhere local.

Then we admired the view from our hotel room at night (no pics for you) and went to bed.

Good day.


3 thoughts on “The Puerto Rico Recap – Day 1

  • Sheryl

    I guess you asked for advice to a minimum wage employee who xant afford a meal for more than 5 bucks 😉 dinning in old san juan/ condado/ isla verde area can be quite pricey but there are cheap places with great local food that you ca find with some appropriate advice…you should have called me!!!! xoxo

    • derryX

      We did find some great places to eat that highlighted the local cuisine! I just thought it was funny that anyone we asked recommended either Subway or one of the (crappy) restaurants in the hotel we were staying in.

      For example, Our hotel had a restaurant called “8 Noodle Bar.” And they sold classic chinese takeout. $19.50 for a small plate of beef with broccoli!


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