The derryXmas Spread…

Those of you who follow closely know that I usually spend Christmas Eve with my (Italian) parents. For someone who doesn’t love seafood, it used to be difficult to get by, but now it’s gotten easier. Here’s a special look into what goes on the table on Christmas eve where I celebrate.

A table full of fried seafood: calamari, shrimp, bacala, eel
A small Boars Head ham roasted in maple syrup
Homemade fresh mozzarella
Sweet zeppoli (anchovy filled savory zeppoli also available)
Cured duck breast (proscuitto) - a 2011 exclusive!
That's my plate. (Sesame seeded semolina bread in upper left)

I don’t eat too big on Christmas eve, because I pick a lot throughout the day and love presents!

On Christmas morning, I usually get up, have breakfast and head back to the Capital region. This time, I made everyone breakfast: pan fried cinnamon French toast and bacon.

Cinnamon French Toast
Cinnamon French toast and bacon

When I got back to my apartment, Cassie and I exchanged gifts, and I got even more presents!

Happy holidays!


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