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I have been asked by Tom Scharpling to make a push to raise awareness of this years WFMU Marathon. Not personally, or anything, but still, he reached out, and I am trying to help.

You can read all about WFMU here. To me, WFMU offers high quality radio programming (both music and comedy) that is available on the web and now all over the place over WFMU iPhone and Android Apps.

I have already made my pledge, and have even offered to up my pledge if I receive an outgoing call from Associate Producer Mike of The Best Show on WFMU during Tuesday night’s show. The rumor, that Tom Scharpling started, is that AP Mike was using the phones in the phone room to make outgoing calls, and, in turn, tying up 2 lines, one that AP Mike was using and one where people would call back asking what was going on. I would like to make good on Mike’s supposed transgressions. [he and I are facebook friends and a phone number to reach me is on my profile.]

There’s AP Mike from a New Pornographers Video

Click the box below if you would like to pledge. Chances are that none of you will pledge, but at least, if I put it here, it’s in good faith and I’m spreading the word. You can get some pretty cool shit for pledging, including my personal favorite, for $180, the rights to name an item at the WFMU studio. I seriously hope AP Mike calls me.

Pledge to the WFMU Marathon!

In case you’re wondering, Tom’s premium for pledging consists of a vinyl 7″ record “Rated GG” containing family-friendly covers of GG Allin songs, a special t-shirt, a special poster, and a sticker. I’m sure I’m leaving something out, but it’s alright.

Ohh here’s something I got for pledging $180.

Like I said, if you’re in a position to help out, please do. Let’s keep this station going!


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