Starting 2014 with derryX

When we decided to have both New Years Eve and Day in our apartment, we intended for it to be completely uneventful and relaxing. I spent most of the day cuddling with our dogs and playing The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds on my newly acquired Nintendo 3DS.

I did spend a minuscule amount of time preparing our dinner. One thing I prepared was sliders made with pulled pork cooked in a slow cooker and cole slaw.

Pulled pork and cole slaw sliders

I had some extra pizza dough around, so I also baked some pepperoni and mozzarella stromboli.

Unbaked stromboli

Baked Stromboli

Once Cassie got home from work, she made us some magic bars for dessert.

Cassie's Magic Bars

We spent the evening snacking on these goodies and watching films from the Fast and Furious franchise.

Champagne and Magic Bars

We had the champagne ready to go, and once the ball dropped, we jumped for joy and celebrated. It’s become a tradition to try using my cellular device to call my parents just after the ball drops to no avail since everyone is using their phones at 12:01am on January 1. So I turned on Skype on my tablet and placed a video call to them; thankfully, the internet wasn’t clogged with people tweeting, “#KONY2014”, like I was.

As soon as they answered, we heard sirens and started seeing flashing lights out of our windows.

Fire Truck

Cassie went over to the window and said to me, “they’re coming to our building.” And I quickly tried to explain this to my parents (who are easily offended) and run downstairs to check out the situation.

As I was bundling up, I saw out my window that a fireman was lackadaisically carrying a small fire extinguisher to the building across from us. It didn’t look like any apartments across from us were damaged, and it didn’t seem like anyone was hurt.

2014 really kicked off with a jolt for us!

The next morning, Cassie made us homemade biscuits with sausage gravy using my breakfast sausage; this has become a New Years Day tradition for us.

Biscuits with sausage gravy

We watched more of Fast and Furious films, and I worked on a beautiful beef Wellington for dinner (I have lots to say about this preparation; I think there’s lots of cooking lessons to extract from the experience.).

Beef Wellington

The rest of the evening was more relaxing and some lamenting that my twelve day long vacation at home was ending.


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