September 26, 2011 – New beginnings…

I’m not going anywhere just yet.

Believe me, when I do, it’s just gonna happen. No sappy goodbyes; no teases; no stunts. Immediate change to black. Just like The Sopranos.

I’m finally working my way through a backlog of posts that have been started and never finished. Past that, I have lots of fun ideas for some things to spice up the way you read the posts here.

The first thing I’m doing, which should happen later this week, is unveiling a new feature called “Visions of Songs.” Not to leave it shrouded in mystery, but it’s something that’s been bouncing around my head for a few years now that I’m finally putting down to paper. If you listen to music and/or watch movies, it’s for you.

Another thing is phase 4 of Operation: nWo. As you well know, I’m still pushing through the fitness goals for 2011, and even though I met my goal for the year 3 months ago, things are still changing every day. The thing of it is that fitness is ongoing. Once you’re “fit,” you’re not done. You need to change your habits and goals in order to maintain or evolve. That’s what’s happening here. Evolution. With the move into the 4th quarter of Operation:nWo, I’m making some dietary adjustments to shed some more weight while putting on muscle. The plan is to continue the 4-5 day/week workout routine, but step it up a little, and continue to eat as I am eating. I will insert a post workout protein shake into my diet, and my “second dinner” which consists of 3 oz of mozzarella and 3 oz of hot sorpresatta is being replaced with 6 oz of grilled chicken. These two tweaks should move me into a good position by the end of the year, and I have something big planned for then. For the blog, don’t be surprised if you see me post a few protein shake recipes, as I now have significant readership from fitness sources, and it is going to be good derryX style info for the hardcore reader.

The third thing is related to this. I’m starting another new feature called “Eat Like derryX,” where I give recipes for meals that I eat. I haven’t decided whether it is just going to be fit meals, or whether to include the more indulgent things I sometimes make, but I just got finished eating the first thing I tried creating for this feature, and man was it awesome. It’s going to take me some time to do the dish justice, and the post for this will probably coincide with a big personal announcement and achievement that will be unleashed to you in a couple weeks, but the wait will be worth it. [You may be asking yourself, “doesn’t derryX already do recipes?” Yea, I do, but these will be a little more elaborate and give more information to recreate what I did. More. More. More. That’s what you want, right?]

So anyway, stay tuned, keep the emails and comments coming. Better yet, lets be friends on facebook if we’re not. I’ll be divulging some details (pictures, updates, etc) of what I’m talking about there. You can also find me on twitter and Google+, but the meat of it is going to happen on facebook.


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