Send Darth a t-shirt, win stuff…

My buddy, Darth, needs our help.

Ok, his real name isn’t Darth, but that’s the name that I call him. His name is Keith. and he recently underwent gastric bypass surgery after some pretty crazy health scares.

Actually, let me give you a little history.

This is a guy I met back in 2005. We actually met through mutual acquaintances at a get together organized through myspace. Yea, myspace, remember that thing? The meetup occurred at a place called Hawaii Fountain in Middletown, NY, my hometown. Hawaii Fountain, abbreviated HF among regulars, used to be the spot to hang out Saturday nights. They were open late, weren’t filled with Middletown trash, served pretty awesome Chinese food, had the worst staff in the history of restaurants, and had BLT’s on the menu. Yes, actual bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwiches. And they were pretty freaking awesome.

Here’s Darth biting into one of their signature BLTs:

The night of the meetup, we didn’t really know how to react to him. That is, of course, until he decided to outline his plans for a Star Wars pornographic movie. In his plans, he had names for each character, the best of which was a play on Darth Vader with Vader being replaced by a four letter word much like the word, duck.

Darth with a lightsaber at the very first HF get together

From that moment on, I had to be friends with Darth. He has come up to visit me and my brother a number of times in the last few years. Here are some pictures of the good times:

Darth Squared aka Pissed Cubed
Darth with my Scarlet Witch comic book
Gorfman, Darth, and Me back in 2006
Darth with Dom's nWo Cake from our Wrestlemania 23 party
Darth and Darth at Darth's Wedding

Anyway, Darth needs our help. Even if he didn’t have gastric bypass surgery, I probably would have asked for your help anyway. As you can tell from most of the above images, Darth is keen on the semi-casual button down (sometimes Hawaiian) shirt open over plain t-shirt style. I think the kid needs some t-shirts to mix it up a little. In actuality, he is shrinking by the minute and needs shirts to accommodate his newer, smaller size, Extra Large (XL).

Well, Darth made it interesting for us. He created a contest to get t-shirts and is giving away real prizes. The details are here.

I have some plans for what I’m sending him. You know it’s going to be legendary. However, I wanted you to have a chance to enter the contest, send something in, and potentially win something. The odds are pretty good right now, and I think some of the people reading this are creative enough to win this.

If you do decide to participate, leave a comment below so that I can let him know who I sent; also, please kindly respond “yes” to the facebook event.

If you need some ideas more than what he’s been dropping on the event page, maybe this will help…


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