Odds and ends

The first order of business is to announce the winner of the motivational Christmas/Hanukkah Ornament/keychain.

Eight of you entered. One of you gave the winning answer, and that person was Union Jack. Lucky for those of you who thought too far away from the scope of what I’m doing here, I actually have two to give away. So one is going to Union Jack, and the other is going to Kriskaten. I chose her response for two reasons, the most important of which is the irony of the fact that the person who coined the quotation she cited committed suicide. The other reason is the implication that possession of the ornament/keychain would reverse her situation of being cheap aka broke.

I’ll be emailing the winners to get their addresses.

What I really want to do is explain the original post. Mainly, my motivation behind writing the post was to share with you a fun story from my past and bring the multimedia element to the blog; the real punchline was the voice in which the quote is said, which, from my traffic summary, I know that most of you didn’t hear. Well, I tried (I even embedded it into the post).

On the outer layer, as ironically funny as Skips motivational words are, I want the words to resonate. I’ve been pretty motivated in 2012. I’m not going to run through the details now. If I can motivate one person, even with something as silly as a story, a sound clip from some crazy kid, or a keychain, that brings much more meaning to this whole thing. There are lots of people out there trying so hard to be somebody. I’m just trying to say, be true to who you are and do what it is you want.

This really is the bigger message behind Skip’s words of encouragement. I’m sure he’d approve, wherever that kid disappeared to.


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