Not the life I ordered…

I am honored to announce that local community blogger, Sue R., has written a blog post that showcases yours truly as part of her “Friday Fun” series.

Sue and I share many things in common, but what’s important is that we’re both aspiring bloggers in the Capital Region of NY. Her blog goes deeper into her experiences at the personal level, while mine stays superficial and focuses on the minutia that wouldn’t even register to most people.

I frequently read Sue’s blog, and commend her style. Mainly I like that she is willing to break conventional blogging “rules,” and that’s one of the only similarities between our blogging styles. Take for example her most recent “No Words Wednesday.” I will leave you to interpret why I like this post.

She’s a big Yankees fan. I didn’t know the Yankees were still around until I started following her on twitter. [I heard a few years ago that their stadium was being closed for good.]

I am glad to have her as a part of the “derryX community” that she describes in her post. She is a very diligent reader and commenter; she treats me and other commenters respectfully, as you should when commenting on blogs.

In her post, she made the point that I’ll teach you something. She couldn’t be more correct. I named this blog “Detention…” for a reason. She also drives the point that I tell things like I see them pretty hard. And whether you like me, you love me, or you hate me, that’s the way it’s gonna be.

The biggest lesson I want every reader to take home is to never take yourself seriously; have fun, on blogs and in life.

And just to speak to her last point. The community of this blog is growing. Keeping in mind that it’s only been around for half a year, most would agree that it’s growing at a very fast rate. Considering I’m a dude who works as a scientist during the day, no background in marketing, no background in social media, no background in computer science, people would say it’s growing at an alarming rate, hence the title “Social Media Icon.”

But enough about me…back to Sue!

You’re gonna want to follow her blog.

And, Sue, if I can just offer a bit of advice (just my own personal opinion, which you may take or leave), The “This is” in the title of your blog is a bit of a redundancy; it makes it a bit long. Just a thought. and thank you very much for all of the kind words!


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