Looking for your ideas…

My momentum with the diet and fitness has been very positive this month, so far. I’ve been doing the training 5 days a week, eating right most of the time, and generally thinking positively in recent weeks. Part of the inspiration is this:

Some more inspiration comes from a customized t-shirt that I got to design and had sent to me for free from my favorite protein powder supplier, Isopure. Here’s what the back of the t-shirt looks like:

The rest of the inspiration comes from the soundtrack at the gym, believe it or not. And I’m really starting to get bored with my playlist. It’s not that songs like “Blackened” by Metallica don’t get me pumped any more; it’s one of my favorite songs ever. It’s more like I want to mix it up with some new tracks that would really move things forward.

So I’m fishing for your ideas. I want to get some of your thoughts for music to train to. [I’ll tell you right now, if you suggest “St. Anger” by Metallica, I will not approve your comment because we all know that song will give you shin splints.]

I’ll kick it off with a few fresh selections that are not currently on my shuffle.

  • “Push it to the Limit” by Paul Engemann (Famous for being in Scarface)
  • “Hearts on Fire” by John Cafferty (Famous for being in Rocky IV)
  • “Unstable” (Also known as The Ultimate Warrior’s WWF theme)
  • “N*ggas in Paris” by Jay Z. and Kanye West



11 thoughts on “Looking for your ideas…

  • kriskaten

    well, you don’t strike me as a “pink” kind of listener, so i’ll stick with my favorite running standby:
    korn. anything by korn.

  • Darth

    I’ve always been a fan of anything high intensity – Let the Bodies Hit the Floor (Drowning Pool), anything by Rob Zombie, anything by Killswitch Engage, maybe some Slayer, Beastie Boys – Sabatoge, Rage Against the Machine, or anything else that could make you angry and want to rip sh*t up.

  • Cuz Pat

    Walk by Pantera gets me going its RVD’s song in ECW

  • Dawn

    My fave rockin’ gym songs are Bleed it Out by Linkin Park; Lose Yourself by Eminem; Kickstart my Heart by Motley Crue; Thunderstruck by AC/DC. I also like clubby stuff, too, but won’t elaborate since you’ll make fun of me. LOL

    • derryX

      Haha, I won’t make fun.

      Even though I’m not big on the clubby stuff, I never judge other peoples’ interests. That is, of course, unless they like country music. 🙂

  • Keith

    Balllin’ so hard motherfuckers wanna fine you.

    If you need heavy music, I’m your go to guy.

    Dunno how hard you wanna go, but I can give you some suggestions if you want them.

  • Dom-neck

    “Rainbow in the Dark” – Dio
    “Rock You To Hell” – Grim Reaper
    “The Age of Pamparius” – Turbonegro (Cause of Wild Boyz)
    “Daniel’s Moment of Truth” – Karate Kid Soundtrack

    For cooldown, “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane cause of The Sopranos.

  • Pat

    Walk Pentera, bodies hit the floor, Im sexy and i know it cause I am. Hells bells Dragula oh and dont stop believin with Sopranos ending what a way to end a workout

  • Valerae

    I know the Dance of Death album isn’t a huge favorite among Maiden Fans, but Wildest Dreams always gets me going. If you’re looking for the obvious Iron Maiden choice, it’s Run to the Hills. If Steve Harris’ bass doesn’t get you going, you’re already dead.

    Anything by RaTM is good for the gym.

    I’m not usually a huge fan of club music or rap but they are effective at the gym…rap especially (because it’s far less obnoxious than poppy club music).


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