I had an anxiety attack

Dealing with anxiety is difficult. Last week, I had an ANXIETY ATTACK.
I woke up and wanted nothing to do with my typical everyday life. It was a combination of factors. Our 14 year old dog Emma was recently diagnosed with diabetes, and facing the reality that our time with her is approaching the end was weighing on me very heavily. Getting to the diagnosis was frustrating. Work was frustrating. I put hours into videos for YouTube that nobody watched, and that was frustrating.
There is a lot more, but this starts to paint the picture. My family is incredibly supportive, especially my wife, Cassie, who in the face of all this and much, much more, patiently gave me the comfort I needed.
Most of this was inside me. What I realized is that I was putting too much pressure on myself and burning myself out.
The last time this happened was right after I started making videos, and I have intended to create a video about my experience with this because, although there is less of a stigma around mental health in current times, there still are not enough people being open about it.
This is that video.
To be clear, what happened happened before actions were taken to minimize the impact of COVID-19. In America, reality changed in the last week. The word “normal” is meaningless. This global event has encouraged me to be more mentally present and in tune with and honest about what I truly need.
I’m still not feeling 100%, and you may or may not have noticed that I took a break from posting and interacting on social media for the last several days. I probably still won’t post a lot. I am coping with anxiety. My intent for posting this is not to seek your pity but to offer comfort that even those who look like they have it together sometimes don’t, and that’s ok.
Everyone deserves and needs space.

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