I had a happy Father’s Day 2020 + Dairy Queen Blizzard FAIL

Cassie and Noah put together A BUNCH of nice things for Father’s Day this past weekend.

I filmed this VLOG STYLE. They started with BREAKFAST IN BED (pancakes, bacon, mixed berries, and some maple syrup!). Noah, Cassie, and my parents got me some greeting cards. Cassie also ordered a nice Bavarian pretzel and cheese box from Grate Expectations NY. We’re working on a FAMILY TIE DYE project again. I really wanted a Dairy Queen Blizzard, so hear me talk about my horrifying drive thru fail. ALL I WANTED WAS an OREO CHEESECAKE BLIZZARD. It was a serious Dairy Queen Blizzard FAIL!

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MOST RECENT VIDEO – https://youtu.be/e8HdwY9Z_v0

MAKING MOZZARELLA for Father’s Day 2019 – https://youtu.be/-37fELoi86s (Making Mozzarella | 3 Generations on Fathers Day | Old School Calabrese)

MORE of these VLOG STYLE videos – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9NOXOOjxk2KCusqm6dZkjr1Ysid4nH0x


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GRATE EXPECTATIONS NY makes Custom Charcuterie & Graze boards. DAIRY QUEEN happy tastes good CREATING POSITIVE MEMORIES where I got an Oreo chesecake blizzard. I had a happy Father’s Day 2020.


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