Have you ever stepped in lettuce?

The above picture (borrowed from the vile internet site 4Chan) along with the caption “This is the lettuce you eat at Burger King” appears to have resulted in major trouble for the people involved in the incident. You can read the whole story at Time (and all over the internet like I did).

I don’t know what these people were thinking, as the geotag embedded in the picture was very quickly used to figure out the location where this occurred, which, for the sake of full disclosure was in Cleveland, OH. Burger King fired three people involved in the incident.

I think I’m most shocked that an image from 4chan, a site that is probably the only place on the internet worse¬†than YouTube comments, resulted in something that’s a relief to see.

(Let’s admit, though, the picture is pretty funny, but we wouldn’t be laughing if it were served to us.)


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