Halloween giveaway!!!

We’ve had some fun with this in the past, so I’m going to do this again.

This time, I’m giving away a viewed once copy of Ghostbusters on Blu Ray. (I’ll even ship it to you, but not by UPS.)


To enter to win, comment here with one of your favorite Halloween stories. Everyone has stories, and everyone loves Ghostbusters! (Alternatively, send me a message, email, tweet, whatever, if you don’t want to leave a comment here.)

Here’s one of my favorite Halloween memories. It’s not a happy story, but at least it has a somewhat happy ending.

When I was in 4th Grade, A Nightmare on Elm Street was a big hit, and everyone wanted to dress up as Freddy Krueger, even horrified 9 year olds who weren’t even allowed to watch the film. We had a magic shop in Middletown that sold costumes only during Halloween Season (side note: come to think of it, the store was more like Ray’s Occult Books, if you’re looking for how Ghostbusters fits into this). It costed a bunch of money, but my parents let me buy the signature Freddy Krueger glove and an uncomfortable latex mask. I thought I was going to have the coolest costume at the costume party in school.

However, a kid showed me up by taking about 40 minutes to add burn scars all over his face with various combinations of makeup, prosthetics, and spirit gum. His parents probably spent way less than mine did, and everyone thought his costume was the coolest in school.

Yeah, I was pissed. But I’m ok now.

Your turn!

(Giveaway ends at 12:00am on 11/1. A winner will be selected at random.)


5 thoughts on “Halloween giveaway!!!

  • Bernie W

    My parents made me dress up as a Harlem Globetrotter for Haloween in second grade. I told them that I didn’t want to to it and the costume was stupid. They told me that everyone was going to like it. They painted me black and sent me off to school. No one found the costume funny and the other kids made fun of me.

  • SaratogaSaint

    One year, our house got egged and toilet papered pretty bad and we think it’s because we gave out packaged popcorn balls as treats. We were mad about it then, but, looking back, we find it hilarious.

  • MetalFrog

    I don’t even have a Blu-Ray player, so don’t pick me to win, even though my story is clearly the best.

    Our family did a tour of three different neighborhoods, with a big group of other families every Halloween, My father would drop us off at the end of the street, then drive to the other end to pick us back up so we could move on to the next spot.

    This time I got out of the car, and before the door was shut he started driving and ran over my foot. I was dressed like a ninja, so while I was on the ground — in the middle of the street crying — he said, “I thought you were going to flip out of the way or something. What a terrible ninja you are.”

    Spent the next three hours in the hospital getting x-rays and an mri to confirm that it was broken. Worst part was that it was the first street, of the first neighborhood. I had no candy, but I did have a broken toe.

    Yay me.

  • Trinity Morgan

    The one Halloween story that sticks out with me is when it actually use to be safe to go door to door and trick or treat. I was around 6 at that time and hated tootsie rolls so I went door to door down a fully lit street getting mostly tootsie rolls… I was not a very happy camper at all. It was late, I was tired and being a bit of a spoiled brat. So I get to the last house on this street and I be danged if it isn’t a full bowl of tootsie rolls. I was so upset that I started crying and then dumped my whole bucket in this nice ladies bowl and told her she could have all the dumb tootsie rolls. My mother apoligized made the lady keep my candy and took me directly home. I now love tootsie rolls lol. Thanks for the chance! My daughter loves this movie!


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