Get ready for the end…

About a year ago, I took a break from writing here. I checked in from time to time with some thoughts or maybe a dining post here and there, but writing for this space was my lowest priority. Honestly, toward the end of last year, I was burned out with this.

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But also, I had quite a few things going on in 2015. I was working on DDP Yoga certification. Then I attended the retreat, and I even had the opportunity to do a cooking demo/tasting there for DDP himself and the other attendees. Then I started recording and editing my own cooking videos. The fact that I have links for all that means I didn’t neglect this space all that much, honestly.

Then there are the other things I have going on in life. Work. Family. Training. Nutrition. Rest. Balancing everything this year was a bit of a challenge, and some things slipped. I like new years to wipe the slate clean and go for broke. And that’s what I’m going to do.

And we’re starting with a new design for the site. The old design has served us well, but it’s going to be 2016. Things in the world are getting a lot more visual, and that’s the direction I’m taking the website. My buddy MetalFrog from Solidare Design is working magic. Seriously, I got to see a preview of what’s coming last night, and I am blown away.

In 2016, thisĀ gets more visual. New design. More videos. Maybe even a few bigger surprises.


Reminder: There’s still time to act on my special offer on training. It’s perfect if you’re using the new year to start fresh with a fitness and/or nutrition plan.

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