Flashing forward to 2013


I’m turning the key in the fail-safe that’s buried under the hatch.

Flashes of light. Sounds of electromagnetism.



It’s 2013.

After an incredible prix fixe dinner at New World Bistro in Albany, we rang in the new year here at X Mansion by popping a bottle of Bricco Quaglia La Spinetta Moscato di Asti (moments after midnight because of a snafu related to a new wine bottle opener that I didn’t read the directions for). After a good nights rest, Cassie made some biscuits while I made sausage gravy with my own breakfast sausage. We have a nice lamb roast sitting in the fridge with some beautiful Moroccan spices rubbed onto it that’ll be our dinner, and now it’s time to look ahead to what’s coming in 2013.

2013 is sure to be a crazy year. Our wedding is coming up, and there will be lots of preparation for that. But there are also a bunch of events coming up. Events that you’re not going to want to miss.

In 2 weeks, the Albany Wine and Dine for the Arts festival is happening. I have my tickets secured for some key events, and so should you. The event is a who’s who of restaurateurs and other food-centric individuals. There are various events with various price tags, but, my information tells me that every event will be special in its own right. It’s going to be AWESOME! It’s the type of thing that is great to sit back and read about on the blogs, but you’ll miss some great stuff if that’s all you do. (Say hi if you see me there.)

While 2012 brought lots of attention to the “derryX Dines” feature, I’m promising that 2013 will be even bigger. In fact, we’ve been working on a new campaign to bring new style to the blog, centered around “derryX Dines.” It’s something that many of you will be familiar with, sort of, with a very derryX spin. It’s just as good as the campaign we launched in 2012, but will be much more widespread. That’s coming next week.

So happy new year, everyone!

I’m hoping that 2013 offers some opportunities to meet more readers that I don’t already know and that I keep stumbling onto food finds that help you guys take the daintiness out of eating and preparing great food.


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