derryX Wedding: Dessert!!!

This series of posts showcases the lovely images of our wedding as captured by Andy Kainz Photography (with the help of Marcie Pry) along with some stories from the big day.


I’m really happy with the way dessert came together at our wedding. Since we put the event together on our own, it gave us a good opportunity to incorporate a lot of our favorites.

Anyone who was there can tell you there were cupcakes as far as the eye can see. That’s because my mother-in-law, Holly, baked her heart out. She made us three different types of cupcakes, “White Wedding”, “Lemon Pucker”, and my personal favorite, her rendition of a Snickers cupcake. We were eating leftover cupcakes for days!


Snickers Cupcakes

Another no-brainer for dessert was Cheesecake Machismo. One of the many things I had to fit in the day of our rehearsal was to pick up a bunch of boxes of baby cakes. Actually, this goes way back. When I ate at Sciortino’s earlier this year, it was with Bam and Lynn, proprietors of Cheesecake Machismo, and that’s where we plotted wedding cheesecake domination.

300 Baby Cheesecakes from Cheesecake Machismo

There were a bunch of different types of baby cheesecakes at the wedding, too.

Baby cheesecakes

Baby cheesecakes with labels

We had a cake made up from The Clever Crow Bakery in Troy just for the ceremonial cake cutting. I’m not going to lie; the cake looked a lot better than it tasted, so I capped off the feeding of the first slice with a baby cheesecake.

Wedding cake

And, what kind of wedding would it be at Indian Ladder Farms if we didn’t have warm cider doughnuts and apple cider?

Indian Ladder Farms warm cider doughnuts

Here are some more pictures of the desserts to whet your appetite!


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