derryX travels the world in Epcot (Disney)

Epcot was probably my favorite stop in Disney. It’s been a while, so I can’t really remember a whole lot of specifics as far as what we did every minute, but I have a bunch of pictures that are really helping me recall my favorite parts of the experience.

I would be lying if I said my favorite thing in Epcot wasn’t drinking soda.

Club Cool by Coca Cola

There’s a little hole in the wall called Club Cool by Coca Cola where you can taste popular sodas from all over the world.


Soda 2

Soda 3

Soda 4

The one from Italy, Beverly, was insanely bitter and reminded me of chinotto.

The one from China, oddly enough, was the sweetest and had some apple thing going on with it.

Drinking soda

I kept calling the one from Israel, “Fizzy Bubblech“, which is exactly what it was.

Tasting the flavors

Damn, that was fun. And I probably went back to that place two or three times.

Another thing that was really fun was Captain E/O.

Unbeknownst to me, Michael Jackson made a short 3D movie back in the 80s with George Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola. My understanding is that this movie was an attraction in the park until the molestation scandal in the mid-90s. Well, it’s back in Epcot, and it’s accompanied by a “Making of” documentary.

derryX and Captain EO


Epcot Ball

Spaceship Earth

We went on this Spaceship Earth thing which was pretty cool.

Body Builder

We stopped for lunch at the Coral Reef Restaurant.

In the afternoon, we decided to make the rounds at the stops around the world. That’s when the rain really picked up, so we basically ran from one “country” to the next and hung out until we dried off.

America is the lamest country there, and if you don’t believe me, maybe these pictures will help:

George Bush quote

American greats: Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, George W. Bush
American greats: Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, George W. Bush

I made the best of things, though.

Fun with muskets

I drank a shitty $8 beer at a biergarten in Germany.

Skunk beer

I had a Swedish chocolate bar called, Daim! DAYME!!!!

Daim bar

In the UK, they had a sauce I never heard of and tons of marmite. I bought neither.

HP Sauce


I used a Deluxe Dining plan snack credit at a place called Taste of Marrakesh, a stand serving Moroccan food.

Taste of Marrakesh

I tried the harissa and lemon confit chicken drumettes with chermoula and cucumber.

harissa and lemon confit chicken drumettes with chermoula and cucumber

It was delicious, but was short on salt.

We had dinner at Rose and Crown, then hung around for the fireworks to close out the evening.

On the way out of the park, even though I wanted to, I didn’t stop at Club Cool again. If I wasn’t so full, I probably would have, and if we had an extra day to spend in the parks, hands down, I would have spent it at Epcot, probably doing most of the same exact things again.


4 thoughts on “derryX travels the world in Epcot (Disney)

  • Pirate Jeni

    EPCOT is hands down my favorite park. Too bad the beer in Germany was so bleh.. I do enjoy Morrocco.. did you shop in the Japan Pavillion? Sake tasting in the WAY back and so many unusual snacks

    • derryX

      We spent a little time at the Japan Pavillion. It was pretty crowded because there are lots of cool things in there and because the rain was coming down really hard, and it was good shelter for people. I missed the sake tasting, and also forgot to buy myself a sweet pair of chopsticks.

  • the_exile

    HP sauce is a British institution – especially with a good greasy cooked breakfast. HP stands for houses of parliament (hence the picture on the front).

    We have that chocolate bar in the UK too – it’s called “Dime” there – I guess it may be pronounced that way in the version you had too.


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