derryX Rant: TV Show Concept

A few nights ago, I tweeted that I wanted to see a show where the kids from Jersey Shore do stunts like on Jackass. I just want to claim the idea in hopes that it actually happens, and I can make some money off of it.

The concept would basically be Jackass with a different cast. You can even imagine them recycling and retooling some old Jackass bits, such as

  • Snooki inside of a Portapotty full of dog feces attached to a bungie cord and shot straight in the air.
  • MVP rolling each other around in shopping carts with hopes of hitting obstacles and launching people out of the carts.
  • JWoww enters an egg nog drinking contest with a guy dressed in a Santa costume and dwarves.
  • Mike “The Situation” testing out stereos as “Party Boy Too.”
  • Pauly scaring his mom by letting alligators into his house.
  • Deena doing anything that Wee Man does.
  • Vinny eating a snow cone made from his own urine.

There’s also opportunity for some new sketches. Here’s a few off the top of my head:

  • “Snooki Extreme Tanning,” where she tries out different types of oils on different parts of her body to see which gives the harshest reaction.
  • “The Situation STD Watch” where The Situation goes about his life, but actually gets checked for STDs once a month to see how his STD profile changes every month.
  • “Cayenne Pepper T-Shirt Time” where the guys’ t-shirts are soaked in a cayenne pepper solution prior to t-shirt time.┬áHilarity ensues.
  • “Cabs’ Hea!” where they seemingly enter their normal taxis to go out but inside the taxis are thumbtacks on the floors and seats and nails on the ceiling and walls.
  • “Gym Time Surprise” where none of the gym equipment functions properly. Weights seem lighter than usual, treadmills operate at half the right speed, and the kids have no idea what’s going on.
  • “Boston Fist Pumping” where the kids go to a club filled with Red Sox fans who show them what fist pumping really is.

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