derryX Rant: Pronunciation

I have come to terms with the fact that I am known as “derryX” pronounced like it rhymes with “berry X.”

That’s fine.

I’ll have you know that’s not actually how it was designed to be pronounced. It also was not designed to be pronounced “dairy X.”

But I understand everyone has their own accents and the way they say things.

It’s like the whole “bagel” vs “begel” thing, or “tomato”/”tomotto.”

But back to the whole derryX thing…

So how do you think it’s supposed to be pronounced?

(I might even be able to make this interesting by offering a mystery prize. I won’t do so unless I get at least 10 responses as comments. And I’m not going to approve any comments on this post for a couple of days, just to keep it fair. If you actually have heard the real pronunciation, please refrain from commenting.)


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