derryX Rant: Looking ahead

So in 2010, you all saw the return of derryX to blogging. You witnessed a number of projects come to fruition, some were completed in 2010, some were started in 2010.

In 2011, I have a bunch of ideas floating around my head. Personally, I’ve already committed to going to the gym more and catching up on my backlog of video games dating all the way back to 2007. And my promise to the readers is that both of these are going to make their way onto the blog in new and creative ways.

Another feature that I decided to implement for the derryX blog is one in which I analyze the public works of college professors that I have had in a fully analytical and educational way. I have already tracked down a book of short stories that was written by a professor at Siena College that taught my course on Short Story ten years ago.

Xprotege and I have been putting our heads together, and we have some other ideas we’re going to roll out.

In other words, look for some new, creative, and innovative ideas from the derryX blog in 2011. The goal is to ultimately take this past being the Capital Region sensation that it is, and to gain some regional and national recognition. And we can’t do that without you!


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