derryX is back

In a manner or speaking, of course. It’s been just about 3 years that I’ve stopped consistently using this written “blog-style” medium. I don’t really see that as the way people are receiving most of their content in 2019, so I’m going a little more visual and doing more with YouTube.

Since there are still a good number of subscribers here, I’ve tried to add posts to new videos here, and I’ll probably keep that up and maybe add some notes or recipes along the way if I need to.

In order to get the updates in real time, you’re going to want to subscribe on YouTube and hit the bell icon for notifications. That way, as soon as the videos are published, you’ll know and won’t have to worry about me forgetting to post it here. Because you know I’m going to forget. (And also, we gotta make it past 100 subscribers this month. We just gotta.)

I’m active on Instagram for even more updates. Twitter too, but to a lesser extent. Click the icons above for that.

Here are the five most recent videos and an oldie-but-goodie below in case you want to catch up!

Let’s have some fun! I can’t wait to see all your comments on all this crazy stuff.


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