derryX in Puerto Rico 2014 – Day 6

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This day was pretty depressing. We had to leave our paradise and head back to NY. Not that life in NY was bad by any means. Within a week of returning, we had closed on our first house.

So breakfast that morning was a little different. Actually there was nothing little about it. I had picked up a couple of pan de Mallorca rolls the night before from Kasalta.

Pan de Mallorca

We enjoyed these with some Starbucks coffees, sitting along the coast. It was actually raining on and off all morning, but we sat outside in our bathing suits under the cover of the hotel while it rained, then we’d head back down to the coast to enjoy the waves, which is a theme that has come up a number of times in writing about this trip. Our main purpose on this trip was just to get away and relax, and we did plenty of that, and every moment of it was awesome.

We checked out of our room, and fit in an early lunch at Hacienda Don Jose, the bookend, so to speak.

Our taxi driver on the way to the airport was really interesting. She kept trying to engage in conversation with me in Spanish, even though I told her I wasn’t confident in my Spanish. She insisted that I practice with her, and we had a really fun 20 minute conversation. Plus, I found out my Spanish isn’t as rusty as I had thought. I wish I had realized that the night before at Kasalta.

The flight was a pain in the ass. Some idiot had a bottle of soap or something that had burst in their luggage, and my luggage was lucky to be right underneath that. Getting back to our car from JFK airport sucked too, especially seeing all of the super successful pickups at the airport by Uber.

By the time we were on the road, we were starved. We stopped at the first diner we encountered on the highway, and had a comforting meal. After dinner and another two hour car ride, we were home, and our trip was over.


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