derryX in Puerto Rico 2014 – Day 4

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We started the 4th day of our vacation with some waffles from Waffler Avenue. We just had to go back!


I took this picture of a tenement from our hotel room.


We relaxed at the hotel and soaked in some of the sun by the pool for a good portion of the day, then headed over the the Puerto Rican Museum of Art, Which was a short taxi ride from the hotel. The plan was to look over all of the cool stuff, then eat dinner at Laurel Kitchen and Art Bar, a fine dining destination located inside of the museum.

Puerto Rican Museum of Art

The stuff in the museum was cool and all, but a lady who works there told us about a path outside behind the museum where we could walk, see some nice landscaping, and some outdoor graphiti.

Outside of the museum

Outside of the museum


Then we had our dinner at Laurel Kitchen.

Laurel entrance from Museum

I had what was probably the best pork chop of my entire life.

Pork chop

Laurel Kitchen

Then we made it back to the hotel room, and relaxed.

And then something funny happened.

Bubble in ceiling

From bed, I looked over to the entrance of our room. There was a big bubble forming from the ceiling. Basically, the condensation from the air conditioning, which had been running around the clock since we entered the room four days earlier, started puddling in the ceiling then dripping down the wall. Maintenance had to come by, and they offered us a different room, but we declined since it was only another couple of nights. We got a kick out of it.

That was pretty much it that day.


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