derryX in Puerto Rico 2014 – Day 2

Read about day 1 here.

For our second day, we wanted to stay close to the hotel and enjoy the atmosphere by soaking in the sun. We started the day walking down the road to a place called Waffler Avenue.

Waffler Avenue

It’s a little place that specializes in waffles and really deserves its own post. It provided an outstanding breakfast for us, and their Puerto Rican coffee beverages were quite amazing. The waffles ranged from savory to sweet and were out of this world.

Savory waffle with ham, egg, and cheese inside
Savory waffle with ham, egg, and cheese inside
Sweet waffle with tropical fruit compote and vanilla ice cream
Sweet waffle with tropical fruit compote and vanilla ice cream

On our way out, I had to walk the short distance to the end of the small shopping plaza to see what was going on at the little Ben and Jerry’s coffee bar.

Cafe Cortado at Ben and Jerry's

What I came to find was that that particular Ben and Jerry’s had the best Puerto Rican espresso beverages in the Condado. My favorite drink there was “cafe cortado” (shown above), which is basically half of a true capuccino. The artwork and decor in there was a lot of fun too.

A good part of the rest of the day was spent at the pool at the hotel. I watched lots of things on the WWE Network while working on my tan. When we got thirsty, pina coladas and Cuba libres were the drinks of choice.

Cuba Libre and Pina Colada
Cuba Libre and Pina Colada

When we got hungry, we ordered up some tostones with Fancy Sauce (aka mayoketchup).


It was a great opportunity to work on my DDP Yoga in the sun!

Road Warrior 2

When we got tired of the sun, we headed down Ashford Avenue to have dinner at a little place called Cafe Lola, which is a nice restaurant owned by Puerto Rican celebrity chef, Roberto Trevino. This will be the subject of a forthcoming derryX Dines post.

Roberto Trevino

Casa Lola

After dinner, we walked the strip a little then settled in to our room so I could watch Monday Night Raw (This was the infamous night where the internet had decided that they would be trying to “Hijack Raw” and when CM Punk was rumored to be coming back in Chicago; it was a total dud on both fronts.).

That was pretty much it that day.


5 thoughts on “derryX in Puerto Rico 2014 – Day 2

  • Elizabeth

    Love it! Enjoy reading all your posts and vicariously living through the 2 of you! Hahahaha!

  • gorgeousgoodness

    You should explore the awesomeness of central and western Puerto Rico next time you go. Especially some of the fishing towns in the south, but I’m biased because my family has a house in Boqueron!

    • derryX

      I have spent considerable time on the West coast in Aguadilla and around there. Since then, I’ve pretty much sworn that I’m not driving around in Puerto Rico any more. (It’s a little too frustrating for my tastes) 🙂

      But I think next time we go, we may venture around the island one way or another.

      • gorgeousgoodness

        We literally drove in circles by the coffee plantations near Ajuntas for about an hour, and that was with a GPS so I complete agree that driving in PR can be frustrating!!! Finally a guy at the gas station felt bad enough for us that he let us follow him back to the highway.

        We can trade PR vacation notes next time either of us are going!


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