derryX does Manhattan – Part 1

I went down to NYC and I have a lot to say about it, but who wants to read me ramble right now when I have tons of pictures. I’ll be sure to include where each was taken and some brief words.


Took the Megabus. Great price, slightly cramped, annoying people having conversations.
Hilton group hotels have the weirdest stuff in their elevators...
The ubiquitous Katz's deli
It is ridiculous inside of Katz's Deli
They have good sandwiches though.
Bill Goldberg wuz here
We stayed at a Hampton Inn, room 606
Went to a place called Sweet Revenge for cupcakes, beer, and wine
The drink list at Sweet Revenge. Awesome!
I started with a sweet Framboise to go with my...
...savory Jamaican Curry Cupcake
Cassie had the Sweet Revenge signature cupcake
Sweet Revenge had a tip jar...what am I gonna do?
A beer called Clomba, not bad
A beer called Kwak, served in a crazy contraption

This was the first half. There are tons more images and a couple of stories coming soon!


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