Catching up…

First of all, may the sixth be with you.

The past ten days or so have been so enjoyable, but they have gone by so fast! It’s going to take me some time to regroup and plot out how I want to document it.

The wedding was a huge success. I really enjoyed myself, and all of the feedback we’ve received has been positive.

Actually, here’s a fun story about the day of my wedding. Most of the events were planned for later in the day, so I kept my morning free so that I could make myself breakfast and workout a little. I really wanted eggs Benedict, but I didn’t want to drive anywhere to get some. I also didn’t want to spend my morning whisking to make Hollandaise again. A few days prior, I had come across Serious Eats 2 minute Hollandaise recipe, and as the proud owner of a shiny, new Breville immersion blender, I figured I’d give it a shot.

The first time I tried their technique, it didn’t work because the container I used wasn’t snug around the blender. The blender has a weird oblong shape, but I did find a coffee mug in my cabinet that could work. On the wedding morning, I had one failed attempt too. For the second try on wedding morning, I turned the blender all the way up to high and very slowly added the butter.

It worked, by golly!

Wedding Eggs Benedict

The wedding ceremony and reception went off without a hitch. Well, there were a few minor but noteworthy hiccups in the days leading to the wedding and maybe one or two on the wedding day, but nothing that impacted our ability to have a good time. Maybe I’ll share those stories one day.

The food was good, the music was great (and that includes a special presentation of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” by my karaoke alter ego, Huge McCool). My brother gave a pretty sweet best man speech. The desserts were insane; there were leftover cupcakes from here to Voorheesville.

It was seriously a great day.

The honeymoon in Disney is now behind us as well. We had an absolutely amazing time. The one comment I have for now is that the Disney deluxe dining plan is no joke, and after the second day of dining, I was completely sick of food. (Now, how many of you ever thought you’d hear that from me?!)

It was good to be away from the blog and all for a week, but, now, it’s back to business. Actually, the little time away gave me a chance to reflect on the last couple of months. I think, in that process, I’ve come up with a new feature for the blog. It’s somewhat of an extension of “derryX Dines,” but I need to sit down and brainstorm exactly how I want to present it.

I also have to start thinking about what, if anything, I’d like to do for a 3 years of derryX get together.

And I have to type out my recipes for the cooking class I’m teaching at Different Drummers Kitchen. Sign up here or in the store in Stuyvesant Plaza. It’s going to be an awesome time!

I told you I have a lot of catching up to do!

I want to thank everyone for extending well wishes to me and my family during this eventful bunch of days. Between blog comments, facebook comments, and tweets, your response has been touching and is really appreciated.


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