A Day at the Troy Farmers Market

With the wedding sneaking up on us, I thought it would be a good idea to get together with the photographer we hired for our wedding, Andy Kainz Photography, and do a little “engagement photo shoot.”

We met Andy through All Over Albany. Cassie and I were huge fans of the photos from AOA’s 4th birthday party. Andy had captured the evening perfectly, and the photos looked great!

As far as where to take the pictures, we wanted to find something perfect.¬†We have some great scenery in the area in the fall, and a good number of our photos were taken at Thatcher Park in various locations. (They came out great too, but they’re more posed shots.)

I thought it would also be fun if we had Andy capture a normal Saturday for me and Cassie, just us walking through the Troy Farmers Market doing our normal thing. We managed to fit this shoot in on the very last outdoor market of 2012, which is great.

I think the photos came out AWESOME, so selected a bunch, and I wanted to share them here.

You can find Andy Kainz on facebook and twitter, and all rights to these photos belong to him, so, if you want to use any of these photos, you should contact him and get permission first (like I did.).


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