2012 Initiatives

Looking back at my 2011 Initiatives (and remember, I don’t like the word “resolution” because, to me, there’s an implication that it’s something you can start and not follow through on), I think I adequately hit all of them, with the exception of catching up on video games. Ohh well, something had to give; it was a busy year!

So now that it’s 2012 officially, I guess I’ll lay out some of the more prevalent initiatives on my mind right now. It looks like these might overlap with last years significantly.

  • Increase gym frequency – So last year, I set out to go three times a week (42%), and I actually went 43% of days, so I hit the goal. For 2012, the goal is 50%, which is like 3.5 days per week. If I go 3 times one week, then 4 the next week, I’ll have no problem hitting this goal. This is going to be a major factor in the (yet to be disclosed) “Operation: nWo 2.”
  • Refine the diet – Right now, I’ve started incorporating whole grain into my diet, so I want to continue coming up with interesting things that I can cook or eat out that will help my progress. I’m going to try to avoid conventional pizza for a while.
  • Continue reading good books – I’ve been reading more and more lately, so I want to keep this up.
  • Improve fork situation – I’ve never felt the need to increase the amount of silverware I have in my drawer, but now that there are two of us and a dishwasher, 7 forks just doesn’t cut it. I’d just like to have some more forks in the drawer. INITIATIVE COMPLETE! (Thanks to co-worker, Val, for donating a 12 pound bag of new and clean silverware to the cause)
  • Gain more blog momentum – 2011 was a big year. My audience expanded. As local as many of my topics are, I try to keep things broad so that someone who stumbles upon a recipe who can’t find the exact ingredients I post (for example) can appreciate what I’m saying and hopefully follow along. I’ve made lots of friends who appreciate the same things as I. I want to continue drawing in like-minded people because I want everyone to have fun!
  • Save money – I like buying lots of stuff as it comes out, but I have to try to curb this a little. I saved some money in 2011, but I want to save more (and possibly push through these damn student loans) in 2012.
  • Get ahead on video games – C’mon, I have a Zelda game to play…(actually 3, but who’s counting?)
  • Pick up my guitars more – I’ve been neglecting my guitar playing, and I’m hoping 2012 is the year that derryX/Brian G. resurrect my acoustic renditions of Plan 10 songs at open mic nights.

That’s pretty much all I set out to do this year. A lot of it is open-ended; that’s fine. If you set goals too high, you’re setting yourself up for failure.


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