2010 in Retrospect Part 2

I have never had a year that compares with 2010. I’ve never had the emotional peaks and valleys that I’ve had in this past year. While I’m looking ahead, it may be a good exercise to take a look back, in a positive light, and outline what’s been going on. So I’m gonna give a month, maybe a few sentences of my mind frame and one or two of my favorite facebook updates from that month. (This will be unleashed in 3 parts)

Read part 1 here.

May – I started spending a lot of time with Cassie, and we even went to Boston together (my first trip there) at the end of the month. I made many commitments to support other friends’ endeavors in this month, and by the end of the month, I was drained. I threw a party at my house that I didn’t even witness the entirety of. LOST ended, and I cried like a baby. I can’t explain why, I guess I was just having trouble letting go.

“‘It was a good night; nobody died.’ -Road House”

“Cassie definitely doesn’t care about pedestrians.”

June – I started solidifying my “Social Media Icon” status by attending many networking events. I launched the derryX blog on the free wordpress platform. That’s when the creative juices really started flowing.

“Ale effin handro; ale effin hannnnnnnddddroooooooooooo”

“You know Isaac Yankem? He’s Kane!!!”

July – I celebrated my birthday two weekends in a row. Real friends started separating from superficial friends. I got pretty depressed for a while because I kept getting sick for no reason. And I was going to the doctor! Cassie bought me every Three Stooges short film because she’s insane.

“Literally every Three Stooges film just went onto my amazon wishlist, in case you want to cheer me up.”

August – With the help of Metalfrog, I took the derryX blog from the free wordpress platform to private hosting, just because it was getting super popular. I also made an appearance on the MANville podcast, talking about Dogfish Head beers. You can listen to my appearance here. Not much else happened that month.

“Always a great time at the Side Door. You don’t go wrong when you go with me. :-)”



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