2010 in Retrospect Part 1

I have never had a year that compares with 2010. I’ve never had the emotional peaks and valleys that I’ve had in this past year. While I’m looking ahead, it may be a good exercise to take a look back, in a positive light, and outline what’s been going on. So I’m gonna give a month, maybe a few sentences of my mind frame and one or two of my favorite facebook updates from that month. (This will be unleashed in 3 parts)

January – TNA wrestling hyped an nWo reunion on their first Monday Impact. I was so happy to see all of my favorites get back together in the ring. Also started getting really close with a group of friends I met via twitter. Had my first #missionsushi tour stop with Cute~Ella.

“This guy knows what I’m talkin’ about; this guy definitely knows what I’m talking about.”

February – Had two epic karaoke nights. Actually, the first one wasn’t so epic, since the Side Door was ridiculously busy. I gave up on marriage. Not much else really happened. Ohh yea, I got a root canal.

“I’m going for a root cannoli today.”

“Have fun playing Bioshock 2, you UPS Driver Scumbag.”

March – I bought an Apple Airport Express to stream music through my home theater. That was awesome. I spent a lot of time hanging out with friends. I started a hardcore workout/diet routine.

“…and Wednesday Jr. is born.”

“I was just called a ‘stripping enthusiast’ by Kevin Marshall. I am slowly reaching Gen War status.”

April – Went to Flavour Cafe every Friday night. I wrote a fun article for Cute~Ella’s blog; it kind of wet my appetite to get back into blogging. My brother finished his pHd. I spent a crazy amount of time hanging out with friends, which was really cool. This month was a milestone for things starting to look up for me.

“Best Show on WFMU and JPP 2010 theme – ‘Do it’ by Rollins Band”

“It’s days like today where I really miss Plan 10”



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