emmyX eats: Bettie’s Cakes – Colonie, NY

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Little Emma likes cupcakes just as much as anybody.

Luckily for her, local cupcake cafe, Bettie’s cakes, with locations in Colonie, Latham, and Saratoga offers a special cupcake just for puppies like her. (See comment below)

A couple of years ago, Cassie gave little Em one of the tiny ones, and Em loved it!

1010 Puppy Cuppy

2010 Puppy Cuppy 2

Recently, I thought it would be a fun treat for Emma to have a puppy cuppy again (and also to take over the blog for April Fools Day). So I made a special trip to Colonie Center and fought about ten people for the last parking space in front of the mall.

Front of Colonie Center

I made my way up the escalator to the food court, dodged a bunch of obnoxious people awkwardly waiting on line to buy movie tickets, and approached the counter for Bettie’s Cakes.

Bettie's Cakes Wall

The young lady at the counter was very cheerful and happy to help me.

Bettie's Cannoli

Samoa Cupcakes

Sesame Street Cupcakes

I found the Puppy Cuppy next to some cute looking Sesame Street themed cupcakes. According to the description, the Puppy Cuppy is made with honey, whole wheat flour, and peanut butter and is topped with an organic dog treat. The size they had (which I think is the larger one) was a buck or two.

I ordered one for Em, two Samoa cupcakes (one for me, one for Cassie), and a Cookie Monster Cupcake (Mine!).

Big Bag of Bettie's

Cupcakes for humans

Bag of Puppy Cuppy

I gave Emmy her treat first but I’ll talk about my cupcakes before I get to her enjoyment.

Bettie's Samoa Cupcake
Bettie’s Samoa Cupcake

The Samoa cupcake is described as “Chocolate cake topped with caramel butter cream rolled in toasted coconut and drizzled with our own chocolate ganache! Just like the cookie.” It’s pretty much just like the cookie but cake, not a cookie (not unexpected). The caramel buttercream is a little much as far as the sweetness goes. My cupcake was sitting at room temperature for about half an hour in my possession, and the cake was moist and rich. The coconut topping and ganache puts it all over the top (in a good way). It’s definitely a fun nod to the Girl Scout cookie.

Cookie Monster Cupcake
Cookie Monster Cupcake

The Cookie Monster cupcake was also over the top. It was a chocolate cupcake with vanilla icing, blue sprinkles, and more vanilla icing on top. Ohh, and there was a chocolate chip cookie stashed between the icing and the cake. It was tasty.

Both of these fulfilled my yearly urge to seek out cupcakes.

To serve Emma her puppy cuppy, I used her dinner bowl (which Cassie designed and painted at The Pottery Place in Stuyvesant Plaza).

Emma's dinner bowl

Emma's bowl with a puppy cuppy

Emma looked on in anticipation. (She was probably thinking, “why is this dude taking pictures of my food?”)

Emma anticipating the puppy cuppy

I put the bowl on the floor for her.

Emma approaching the puppy cuppy

She slowly approached the treat, and first started licking the peanut butter “icing.” She loves peanut butter!

Emma licking the peanut butter

Emma licking the peanut butter 2

Emma licking the peanut butter 3

You could really tell she was loving it!

Emma licking her lips

She took a break from the treat for a few minutes, so I moved her bowl to the usual spot and let her finish it at her own pace, which means she had to take it out of the bowl.

Emma finishing the treat

The treat weighed in at around three ounces, which is actually a little more than a treat for a 13 pound pup like Emma, but every once in a while, it’s nice to break up the monotony of the foods that the doggies have to eat.

It’s really great that we have places like Bettie’s and others that are making fun treats for doggies.

emmyX certainly appreciates it!

Happy April Fools Day, everybody!


2 thoughts on “emmyX eats: Bettie’s Cakes – Colonie, NY

  • derryX

    Update: The following is not an april fools joke. It was sent in by a friend on facebook. (See http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151313508511286&set=a.189235791285.139278.147756181285&type=1 )

    Sadly today we closed our Colonie Center Stand. It was time to say goodbye for a number of reasons to that location. We still have our Online ordering and Saratoga Cupcakery as well as the buses though – one being the ONLY double decker cupcake stand in the World! Stay tuned for new treats and a bunch of other fun stuff we are working on. As Kenny Rogers said “you gotta know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em”. XOXO, Bettie

    Well, at least we can get puppy cuppies for Emma at the Saratoga store or we can find a bus.

  • Saratoga Saint

    I think it’s funny that you changed the site for this. My favorite is the drawing of the beard on the dog with a chef’s hat.


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