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I was browsing a website I normally visit regularly, The Best Page in the Universe by Maddox, and he had a recent clever post about why he’ll eat meat and why he doesn’t agree with PETA’s stance of “Animals are people, too,” including very funny video evidence. Here’s the source in case you want to read it.

You might not know this, but Bill Cosby made a movie years ago called “Leonard Part 6.”┬áIt’s a really ridiculous movie, and lots of ridiculous things happen.

One such thing is evil frogs gathering under a car that is sitting on a pier. On command, all of the frogs simultaneously jump, lifting the vehicle MULTIPLE TIMES until the it reaches the river, ultimately killing the driver.

Another thing that happens is the main conflict in the movie, where Cosby’s character, Leonard, has to save his wife from the villainous tyranny of vegans. And he does so by throwing chopped beef at them and waving a magic hot dog at them.

He also escapes from the evil vegans’ lair by riding an ostrich.



4 thoughts on “dyscipleX post: Meta Meat

  • Darth

    I love meat. I believe my cat Smokey is a person trapped in a cats body, but that’s it. All other animals are dinner.

  • derryX

    I saw this movie. I still don’t know how it even got made. It’s so bad…

    • dyscipleX

      According to Wikipedia, Bill Cosby discouraged people from going to see it. I don’t understand why he’d even agree to wag a hot dog around on camera and let that get to the point that it got made if he didn’t want people to see it.


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