What I’ve been listening to

For the first time in a few years, I’ve been spending a lot of time listening to music. Like many people say, music provides an escape that does a great deal to reduce stress.

Mode of listening is an important factor that I consider when I want to listen to music. If I want to freely roam my apartment, I have Apple Airport Express hooked up to my network and home stereo system, so I can crank anything from my iTunes library. If I want to sprawl out in bed, I hook my Beats by Dr. Dre Tour Mobile In-Ear Headphones into my iPod. Both modes offer different experiences. I find that while listening with the Beats I can really submerge myself into the music and really feel the beat. I guess it’s because I’ll only go so loud through my stereo system, since I live in an apartment. There is a third mode that I listen to music: while driving in my car. I don’t count this one so much since it’s kind of natural for me to lose the music while I’m driving (it just becomes part of the ambient noise).

I have a very diverse iTunes/iPod library, but here’s a list of the more common things I’ve been listening to:

As you can see, it’s a good mix of classic rock and songs that really showcase the quality of the Beats earbuds. I’ll seriously listen to anything (except country), so any suggestions you can provide can be appreciated.

So, how many songs are there in your iTunes/iPod library that would sound good through Beats by Dr. Dre Tour Earbuds?


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