The Three Stooges Project Update

For my birthday, Cassie gave me the entire collection of Three Stooges Shorts. There are almost two hundred 15-20 minute short films starring The Three Stooges throughout all iterations of the team. It is awesome because they are presented chronologically in the order that they were released. The collection is broken up into eight volumes.

The update is that I am currently in the homestretch, as I just finished watching volume 7. I’ve been tentatively assigning a rating to each episode, and, once I am finished, I am going to post some kind of statistics. Things like my top ten favorites, averages for each collection, average rating per stooge (Curly, Shemp, Joe, Curly Joe), some other interesting statistics, and any other statistics you’d like to know.

I would like to have this wrapped up before this event at The Palace Theater in Albany, NY. This way I can serve as a pseudo-historian for the group of people who come with me.


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