The derryX Look

If you’ve seen me, you know I keep a pretty simple wardrobe. Work doesn’t require anything extensive so my normal work clothes are basically the clothes I hang out in. I’m generally a blue jeans (lighter wash) and t-shirt or Polo shirt guy. As far as color shirts, I’ll wear anything, but black, red, and white dominate my shirt colors, Wolfpack Style.

As far as shoes, you’ll see me in anything from black DC sneakers with different color patterns, brown loafers, or black or red Crocs. This depends on my mood or if I am going somewhere special. Make fun if you want, but I know what I’m doing.

There are two areas where I do not cut corners as far as cost (or at least 2 areas that others can see). One is sunglasses. I always buy designer glasses. My current pair is a jet black pair of Diesel glasses that I actually purchased in Italy for an extraordinary amount (not telling how much!)¬†of money back in 2007. The other area is watches. When I actually wear a watch, it’s never something ordinary or cheap. Here’s the one I’ve been wearing lately:


I’m pretty sure, though, that nobody could recreate my style unless they were creating a wrestler in a pro-wrestling video game.

Do you have any irrational clothing/fashion preferences?


2 thoughts on “The derryX Look

  • Kristi

    Love the watch (and thank you for the mention).

  • Sue

    My shoes and my purse always have to match – and the metal tone (gold or silver) on either has to match, and coordinate with my jewelry.

    I don’t usually spend too much on sunglasses, cause I lose or break them all the time. But I don’t cheap out on anything. I like quality and am willing to pay for it.


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