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Ever since moving to Blu Ray technology, I have been watching a lot more action movies. In fact, my overall appreciation for action movies has definitely increased. So much so, in fact, that my Blu Ray library has a large representation of action movies from the 1980s. Just because the explosions are great!

So this movie, Taken (2008), starring Liam Neeson…

It is absolutely incredible. The movie starts with some fairly clichĂ© character development and exposition, just to catch you up on the world that Liam Neeson’s character is living in. Once that stuff is out of the way, it’s non-stop action and violence and raw emotion. I am fairly critical of new releases. In fact, with the exception of The Prestige, Batman Begins, and Dark Knight, I have been very critical of the newer drama or action movies. I always think things are too drawn out, or predictable, or campy.

Don’t get me wrong. This movie is not at all realistic. There are a good number of times where you will look at your screen and say, “ohhhhhh kaaaaay,” but i think a great job is done to not draw too much attention to these things but to just have the story flow. For example, it’s not like Lethal Weapon movies where a car explodes and bursts into flames 90 meters in the air. It’s just solid action.

So if you haven’t, go rent, buy, steal Taken. The amount of enjoyment you will walk away with is gonna be really rewarding.


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