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Now Skype is integrating with facebook to allow you to text or call your friends on facebook. This may seem trivial, but this opens the doors to limitless possibilities. Of course many people, just as myself, would argue that most of the friends you have on facebook are not people you want to talk with regularly. The beauty of Skype or any messaging program is that you really don’t have to if you don’t want to.

I use Skype to video chat with my parents occasionally, and maybe to talk to my friends. The usefulness of Skype has not yet been realized by me because I am rarely on. Feel free to add me (derry_X); just promise you won’t request a voice/video chat before IMing me first. A few months ago, I gained the ability to call or IM other Skype users via my smartphone (Android) on Verizon Wireless.

I think the coupling of this feature with the facebook integration will prove to be interesting to say the least. I think that once the novelty of it has passed, it will be a completely viable way to keep in touch with people who you actually want to talk to. I would honestly be better keeping up with something like Skype than it is to keep up with phone calls.

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  • Sue

    It’s a cool idea; I think it will take some time to catch up with facebookers. Anyone I know who still uses facebook to chat is only doing so because they aren’t aware that there are better tools for keeping in touch. Those that already use skype or other IM/video chat tools have their list and aren’t interested in adding people who only use facebook.

    Once it catches on, though, it could be great because it’ll give facebookers a new way to keep in touch.


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