Scubbers – Re-opening Really Soon

I was driving home from dinner with friends on Wolf Road in Colonie last night, and I noticed that the lights were on at the new home of Scubbers (186 Wolf Road). As I passed the address, I said to myself, “hell; the lights are on; maybe they’re inside getting ready.” So I pulled into the nearest parking lot and went back.

When I ventured away from home to attend college at Siena College in 1997, Scubbers was my comfort food. It was the one thing that I could take a quick ride down route 9, grab some buffalo tenders and mozzarella sticks and feel like everything was ok. I was a regular there, and, over the years, I got to know Bernice and Bob, the owners of Scubbers, quite well. Ever since the Newton Plaza location closed back in 2008 with no notice, I have felt the void.

When I pulled up to the building, I saw Bob working on the counter inside. I walked up to the window and peeked in. I had gotten Bob’s attention, and he motioned for me to come inside. We talked in the store front for five or so minutes, and then he gave me a tour of the place. In the back, Bernice was hard at work breading my favorite tenders. I was literally beside myself. Here I was standing right in the center of the new Scubbers. On top of that, there were a bunch of fresh wings on the counter, and Bob offered me one. It was absolutely glorious.

The menu is up in the front of the store; the prices and offerings look comparable to the Newton Plaza location in 2008. They added a wood-fired oven for pizza, and, from the looks of it, the pizzas are going to be amazing. They also have a refrigerated display case in the front. From the sounds of it, they’re going to have salads and other prepared dishes so that you can just grab and go.

The focus of the business is going to be take-out. There are tables in the front of the store, but I believe Bob told me it’s only enough for 12-16 people. With all of the hotels and shopping on and around Wolf Road, I don’t see much of an issue with this.

In speaking with Bob and Bernice, to my surprise, they are planning a soft opening some time between this Friday, October 8 and next Friday, October 15.

This is going to be a huge positive for capital region people looking for good wings. Take a look at some of the comments from Steve Barnes’s blog when he announced Scubbers was re-opening. Also, become a fan of Scubbers on facebook.


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