Putting it all together

Those of you who know me in real life probably think that I’m a complicated individual. The thing is that I’m a rather simple guy. Above all things, I appreciate three things: logic, quality, and comedy. No matter how you actually know me, facebook, twitter, this blog, in real life, etc., you all get snippets of this. What about if you want to put it all together? That’s kind of hard, and I only know of a few people who actually can keep up with everything. I put together this blog post for anyone who does want to follow the various forms of social media that I am involved in. I’ve made quite a few good friends through the various social media outlets, and I hope for this to continue.




I’m on Xbox Live (add me)

detention with dean derryX (I know, kind of redundant)

I was interviewed for dozenroses13’s blog

I wrote a guest blog post for Cute~Ella is Bold

Cute~Ella and I are also on a sushi tour of the Capital Region of NY

I was interviewed for super-popular Times Union blogger, Kristi Gustafson for OTE

Above all, if you follow any of the above links, I hope you have a good time reading. When I do get a chance to sit down and write, I try to write on many different levels so that you get something out of it every time you read.

Also, regarding my online alias, derryX: it is “derryX,” not DerryX or Derryx or derry X. Believe it or not, a decent amount of thought went into the choices of letter capitalization, space/no space.

Feel free to read, comment, tweet back, follow, add me as a friend, etc. to any/all of the above.

I know this was a little bit of filler, but I do have some material for some new blog posts. Hopefully I’ll have some time this week to formulate some of it into some quality reads.


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