Moving on…

So I had some big news lined up for this blog. Turns out, the free site isn’t cutting it for me. I’m getting enough traffic and there’s enough of a buzz going around that I decided to throw down the dinero for my own domain. Once things get put together (which I’m told is a very short process, just need to find a convenient time), I’ll make the big announcement via the various outlets.

I’m also saving a big birthday recap blog post for the launch of the new location. It just seems like a fitting way to launch…

I want to take this opportunity to thank you, the reader, for all you’ve done to turn “detention” into a local phenomenon. Let’s try to get the buzz so big it becomes a world-wide epidemic!!

Ohh, and here is your very last chance to enter the contest. You have until midnight. (It’s the competition for a free DVD of Reservoir Dogs).


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