Let’s make a deal…

For the love of God, just be consistent

It really bothers me when I get emails like this. The likelihood that I was going to take advantage of a Kodak offer today was low. that’s a given. But the fact that the subject line of the message and the body contain two completely different values just irks me. I’m sure this made it through layers of review, so the fact that I’m seeing it is pretty crazy.

Just for full disclosure, the * directs you to a statement that says, “*Save 15% on eligible items at the KODAK Store” followed by instructions of how to apply the coupon code.

Upon further inspection of the small-print footnotes, I found the following gem:

The sender of this email is Kodak Canada, Inc., 6 Monogram Place, Suite 200, Toronto, Ontario M9R0A1. Any special offer in this communication is for residents of Canada only.

Unbelievable. So now I’m somehow opted into inconsistent emails from Canadian Kodak.



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