How Could This Happen to Me? Provolone Edition

We all have an idea who “derryX” is now. Full time scientist by day, average schlub who likes to write about food adventures and misadventures and wrestling history and warped humor and anything else that’s on his mind at the moment by nights and weekend.

But there was a history and many factors that brought me to where I am today. I’m not going in to it here, as I always remind you; however, it’s nice to post a fun image that gives a look back, because very many of the readers now did not know me then.

Anyway, here’s a picture of me in my days working in an Italian grocery store. Of course, there’s a story behind the image:

Upon my triumph of finally conquering assembly of a frequently prepared dish called “penne with broccoli,” my coworkers, consisting mainly of family members, decided to take advantage of the situation by simultaneously distracting my attention by having me pose for a picture and arranging to drop a 45 pound bell of aged imported Italian Auricchio provolone cheese on my head.

What you are about to see occurred milliseconds before the drop.


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