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It’s not my blog unless I have at least one post about Subway, so here you go.

I am a frequent diner at Subway Sandwich establishments. I find that they are affordable and can accommodate my various dietary phases. If I want to be a blob, I order footlong meatball sandwiches. If I want to eat somewhat healthy but have a decent portion, I order a footlong Subway Club. If I am actively working out, I order six inch double meat sandwiches loaded with veggies. The best thing is that, no matter what I get, I’m in and out of there for under $9 including chips and a drink.

I am a major fan of the Chipotle Southwest sauce, but in a recent trip, I noticed a trend that I am pretty sure needs to stop.

I recently dined in a Subway Restaurant on Western Avenue in Guilderland. I ordered one of my usual sandwiches, footlong honey oat oven roasted chicken breast with lettuce, pickles, banana peppers, and chipotle southwest sauce. It’s a pretty good combination of flavors, and the chipotle sauce adds some much needed flavor to the bland chicken breast. I have been told that I am sometimes too aware of my surroundings, and, in line with this, I spent my lunch paying attention to what people were ordering. I did not make a conscious decision to do this, it just happened.

What I noticed is that people order the chipotle southwest sauce on just about everything. And I mean things ranging from what I would consider normal (chicken, turkey, or steak sandwiches) to stuff I would consider farfetched, such as seafood salad, tuna salad, or meatball sandwiches. In fact, in the 30 minutes or so that I was eating there, I am sure that if I were to count the number of sandwiches that did not have chipotle sauce, I could do that on one hand.

The main issue that I see with this is that, in the examples that I consider farfetched, there is already a sauce or condiment used as a binder, and, in all of those cases, the chipotle southwest flavor is diametrically opposed to what’s already in there. C’mon, think about biting into a meatball sub with tomato sauce and creamy chipotle mayonnaise. YUM, right? NOPE!! I guess for the tuna or seafood salad (both of which I would never order), I could potentially see the necessity for extra seasoning, but seafood with creamy chipotle sauce? I don’t know…

I know it’s a free country and Subway is encouraging everyone to exercise freedom of expression by allowing you to design your own sandwich, but let’s try to be reasonable here.


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