My Favorite derryX Halloween Costumes

No glue factory today, kids.

Since I have watched Creepshow, Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, and Army of Darkness, I am officially in the Halloween spirit. I thought I’d share a few cool Halloween stories from my past.

1) Karate Kid Costume

That’s a 7 year old derryX in the middle there. I nagged the heck out of my parents to be The Karate Kid. The best they could do was buy black karate outfits. You really can’t tell, but the headband that I’m wearing was actually drawn exactly like Daniel’s headband in the movie. I drove my father crazy to do that, and he actually did an awesome job.

2) Dueling Jokers

The year that Batman (Michael Keaton) came out, everybody had a Batman costume. I was literally obsessed with that movie, and I wanted to dress up as The Joker that year. I was 11. This was around the time where kids in school were really creative with makeup, so I bought the makeup and figured my mom, who loves makeup, would be able to do a good job turning me into The Joker. The picture quality isn’t great, but you can sort of see that the red lip paint goes from ear to ear. At one point, I had to ask my mom, “why are you painting my ears.” I was almost so disappointed that I didn’t want to go trick or treating. Looking back, it makes for a fun story.

3) Your Mom

I had to be 15 or 16 for this one. On the left is my good friend, Anibal. I believe my mask was supposed to be Frankenstein, and Anibal’s mask, well none of us knew what that was. There was some bad blood between Anibal and my neighbor that was brewing for years. Anibal and I went around getting candy with these costumes, and we intentionally planned the last stop at my neighbor, just so we could just jump into my house when we were done. When we knocked on their door, the father opened the door with candy and gave us the “don’t you think you’re getting old for trick or treating?” I definitely remember Anibal saying “just give us the candy, old man.” So as the guy gave us candy, he asked Anibal, “what are you supposed to be?” And Anibal’s response was “YOUR MOM!!!!” at which point we ran away (30 feet) to my house. I’m not sure if anything happened next, but that was pretty damn good.

4) nWo Buck Tooth F*ck

This was around 2003-2004. I decided it would be fun to go into the bathroom and affix fake buck teeth and repeat the phrase, “I’m a buck tooth f*ck!” Little did I know, my friend’s girlfriend at the time would think I was making fun of her and cause one of the biggest scenes of the mid 2000’s.

5) nWo Buck Tooth Batman

A few years later, I threw on my nWo shirt, found the buck teeth, and bought a Batman Cowl. I thought it was a great idea for a costume mashup. Nobody else seemed to like it AT ALL!!!

6) Lord Metallica aka The Hero of the Day

That same year, I had a second costume I called “Lord Metallica aka The Hero of the Day.” This one was for all of the people who complained that my first costume wasn’t original…

7) Master Chief

I was shopping in FYE one year, and I found this hoodie and mask. It cost me way more than I would ever admit to, but it was worth it. I spruced the costume up a tad by wearing my signature nWo shirt under the hoodie.


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