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As many of you already know, I have recently decided to take on a protégé.  A young guy who I will refer to as Xprotege has volunteered to fill this role. My duty as teacher will be to coach Xprotege to “social media icon” status, in hopes that he may one day fulfill his dream of being a pro-blogger. Below are a list of questions that I sent to Xprotege for his responses so that you may get to know him a little better because I will be having him contribute to this blog in the future.

Real Name: *Removed by derryX*

 Age: 20-40 *Altered by derryX*

 Location: Capital Region, NY

 Hails From: Parts Unknown *Altered by derryX*

 Aspirations and goals: I am looking to get into blogging. That’s why I agreed to be the derryX protégé, because he offered me a slot. I also hope to continue to be successful at my job which I love.

 Occupation: Food service *Slightly altered by derryX*

 Favorite Food: Hot dogs, French fries, hamburgers (with no cheese), and pizza

 Favorite TV shows: Flashforward, The Event, V, The Office, Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time, South Park, 30 Rock, Monk, Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Friends.

 Favorite Movies: Old School, The Hangover, Grandmas Boy, Back to the Future, Watchmen, Star Trek: Nemesis, Forrest Gump, Cast Away, Batman Begins, The Dark Kinght, Big Trouble in Little China, There’s Something about Mary, Terminator: Salvation

 Favorite Music: Mostly rock, some rap.

 Hobbies: Video games (PS3), hiking, skiing

 What blogs do you read and why?

 Detention with derryX – because it is hilarious.

Cute Ella Is – because derryX told me to

The Best Page in the Universe – because everyone has been reading this forever

Kevin Marshall – because derryX told me to

Kristi Gustafson: On The Edge – because derryX told me to

Perez Hilton – because I’ve been reading for a while and because I love celebrity gossip

TMZ – see previous response.

 What is as big as you are and yet does not weigh anything? Air…

 Some guy is six feet tall, he’s an assistant at a butcher’s shop, and wears size 9 shoes. What does he weigh? 185 lbs…


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