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This past Friday, with the expert help of my friend John Jordan, I spent the night upgrading my Dell Inspiron 1545 from Windows Vista to Windows 7. I had been on a mission to find Windows 7 Home Upgrade Edition for cheap, and two weeks ago, John tipped me off to a sale on dell.com. I ended up picking up the upgrade with free shipping for $80 and it came within 2 business days. SCORE!

The computer and all software

So just like any personal computer upgrade, we needed some food first. I decided to treat for Red Front Pizza and Wings. It had been at least two years since I’ve had Red Front’s superior pizza (In my opinion, Red Front Pizza is THE BEST pizza in the capital region). So here was the menu:

30 Hot Wings
10 Cut Original Style with Pepperoni
10 Cut CoB (Cheese on Bottom) with Meatball

Ohh and remember how I said I bought an entire case of Dogfish Head Punkin Ale? Yea, that’s what we washed it all down with.

Dogfish Head Punkin Ale in an Ommegang Glass

(Needless to say, I ate pizza and wings all weekend.)

The entire experience was totally worth it. Windows 7 feels a lot like Windows Vista. There are a few things that they added to how windows behave. I like that if you shake the active window, it minimizes everything else. I like that you can snap things to the lateral edges of the screen to line up windows; I like that you can snap things to the top of the screen to maximize and to the bottom to minimize. Pinning programs to the taskbar is the most genius thing ever. It completely does away with the quick launch bar and improves on that concept 100000 fold. Not only can you pin programs to the taskbar, but you can also within that pin frequently used files or tasks to that program. It’s really cool.

The biggest improvement for me is that with the same exact configuration as before, I can now wireless-ly stream my iTunes music to my airport express speakers. This is huge. Before with Vista, there must have been too much load on the processor because I could stream to the speakers, but when I moved my mouse, it would skip. Now, I can listen to music completely wireless. I’m loving it.

The overall speed improvement is definitely apparent.

derryX highly recommends Windows 7, Red Front Pizza, and Dogfish Beer.


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