derryX’s Glue Factory 10-8-10

Here are some of the things I’m getting credit for this week:

Here are some of the things that happened around me:

  • Cute~Ella, Nabisco, and Sue contributed to the “It Gets Better Project” which reminded me of one of my favorite Mamas and Papas songs, “It’s Getting Better.”
  • Kevin Marshall and Greg Aidala witnessed first hand that Albany’s stand-up comedy audience is deplorable.
  • Supergirl may very well be more paranoid than I am.
  • CrisTina’s on the Avenue closed. Too bad. So sad.
  • Apparently, gender equality isn’t good enough for Amanda. [never generalize, young lady!]
  • All Over Albany has been posting their annual tour of pizza┬áresults for Schenectady and Troy, and, each time they put up a post, I think about how good of a judge I could have been (and I offered a year ago too!)…

Wow, that’s pretty much all Capital Region stuff! Let me throw in something more national.

Also this week (actually at 3:45am on Friday morning), I discovered this site:


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