derryXmas 2011

I just want to check in here quickly to wish you and yours a happy holiday. Weekends aren’t usually big for the blog, anyway, but I’ll be spending mine with family.

Christmas isn’t a huge food holiday for me, believe it or not. The family is pretty set in their ways with their dumb fish and seafood dinner for Christmas eve, but my dad usually brings me some kind of ham that I cook for myself. I’m sure there will also be some fresh semolina bread and fresh mozzarella that my dad makes. I’m also hoping to sneak in some of the duck proscuitto that I procured at Adventure in Food Trading. There will also be a plethora of baked and fried sweets that my mom has been killing herself to make this past week. I’m bringing some egg nog (which I aptly call “egg nug”) from Battenkill Farms; it comes in a fancy glass bottle.

I’m sure a picture or two may make it onto facebook.

Content’s not slowing down next week either!

I’ll have two posts about Arbys that are sure to break the internet in half. And, besides that, the theme will be New Years.

So until then…

Happy holidays and best wishes from derryX!

PS. My cousin Bobby mailed me a Christmas card that said “Have a DerryXmas!”


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