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Here’s your chance to win big!

Have you seen the film “Creepshow”? It’s the George A. Romero directed, Stephen King written masterpiece of horror that was released in the early 1908s. If you haven’t seen it, you have been missing out. It is split up into a number of short horror flicks that are sure to make you laugh and scream. C’mon. Stephen King himself stars in one skit, and Leslie Nielsen (yes the Naked Gun guy) stars in a skit where he torments a young Ted Danson.

Well, just in time for Halloween, I’m giving away a Like New DVD copy of Creepshow to one lucky reader.

This can be all yours...

What do you have to do to win?

Let’s have some fun with this. EMAIL ME a fun story about Halloween. Maybe you had an interesting experience trick-or-treating as a kid. Maybe you were a bad kid and participated in mischievous things (like ding dong ditch). Maybe you had the worst Halloween costume ever imaginable.

Whatever your story is. I want to read it! and so might the rest of the world. The only rule is that it should be under 400 words (i.e. within reasonable length). Feel free to include visual aids if applicable. Keep in mind that your story may be used on this blog, so please protect identities and privacy as appropriate.

The deadline for this contest is October 1. At that point, I’ll decide how to handle the entries. If it’s only down to a few entries, I may publish all of the stories and turn to your fellow readers to decide who wins. If there is a lot of interest, I will narrow it down accordingly. My plan is to know the winner by October 14 and arrange for delivery of the film as appropriate.

So, bottom line, to win a really fun Horror movie just in time for Halloween, all you need to do is EMAIL ME a fun story.


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