derryX cooks: City Ham Dinner

A few months ago, I picked up a city ham at Price Chopper because it was ridiculously cheap. I think it was like $4 for a piece of meat that was almost 4 lbs. I’ve had that thing in my freezer for a while, not sure what to do with it. This past week, I got in the mood for my favorite “roasted ham with balsamic glaze and melted provolone cheese sub,” but in order to be able to make that, I need leftover ham. So I decided to make a ham dinner for me and Cassie.

I followed Alton Brown’s recipe from “Good Eats.” On the side, I made corn in light butter sauce and Pilsbury Grands Biscuits (I’m too lazy to learn how to make real biscuits.). Here are some pictures from the meal:

The dinner was good. Ham tasted great. Corn was nice and creamy. Biscuits were nice and biscuity. Now I have some ham to make my favorite sub…


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